Happy family resting under air conditioner on white wall at home

We offer installation, maintenance and repair services for your heating and air conditioning systems.


We understand that your employees' performance and your customers' well-being are closely linked to the comfort of your building.


The heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are at the heart of the functioning of your industry.

With a team of over 100 employees with diverse and complementary skills, Barette Bernard Enerflamme offers a complete range of commercial and residential products of the highest quality.

No matter the size of your project, the size of your house or building, Barette Bernard Enerflamme has the technical knowledge, the experience and the equipment to make
of your project a total success.

Whether you need to heat or cool your home, to purify your air, to clean your air ducts and to give you honest and appropriate advice, Barette Bernard Enerflamme is the right choice.


Barette Bernard Enerflamme makes every effort to provide products, services and advice of exceptional quality, while respecting your expectations, your budget and your deadlines, whether it is for the performance of your heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment, or for its maintenance, repair or installation.

Whatever your request, you can count on us for receiving services from qualified and certified workers, quality materials, sound advice, impeccable customer service and exceptional quality control.

Barette Bernard Enerflamme: Comfort, Efficiency and Reliability.


Harsh winters and drastic temperature changes are constant challenges facing our homes and buildings. That is why we place particular emphasis on offering you products of the highest quality, and installed to the highest standards in the industry. So it’s no coincidence that Barette Bernard Enerflamme is synonymous with comfort and reliability.


What could be more annoying than the long summer heat waves where clothes stick to your skin, and where the intense heat makes for long nights?  We know how unpleasant this can be for you, but above all how an efficient air conditioning system can make all the difference to your quality of life.  At Barette Bernard Enerflamme, we will recommend the right air conditioner for your home, so that it is powerful enough to adequately cover your needs, no matter how hot or how long a heat wave lasts.


Controlling and maintaining the temperature in your home requires, among other things, the distribution (circulation) of air in all the rooms. This means houses that are easier to heat or cool. This includes the quality of the air that can have an impact on your respiratory health as well as that of your family and friends. Contact us and we will be pleased to advise you on the choosing and maintaining your ventilation system.