A regional leader, Barette Bernard Enerflamme distinguishes itself, among other things, by its ability to stay informed about new products and the latest technologies available.

This is in addition to impeccable customer service, professional monitoring of our work and listening to your needs, which translates into heating, air conditioning and ventilation solutions adapted to your expectations and your reality.

At Barette Bernard Enerflamme, we understand that the choice of equipment as well as the advice we provide must reflect practical considerations of efficiency, architecture, and sometimes even esthetics.

That’s why we put as much effort into mastering the latest installation techniques as we do into offering you the full range of the most innovative, high-performance and energy-efficient products.



At Barette Bernard Enerflamme, our mission is to ensure your comfort, your safety and the quality of your living environment.


By providing you with the best heating, air conditioning and ventilation equipment, attentive and competent technicians, professional quality control and 24/7 repair/maintenance services, we work together with you to achieve and maintain your quality of life.


By not compromising on the quality of our products, our work and the hiring requirements for our employees, we know you can count on us.