We offer installation, maintenance and repair services for your heating and air conditioning systems, whether for residential, commercial or industrial needs.

In addition, our 24/7 service gives you peace of mind.

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Our goal is to adequately meet all your needs, both in terms of functionality and style. Whether it is choosing a unit, advice or compatibility with your other equipment, our certified installers will take care of all the variables to make the installation a success, meeting your expectations.


Equipment that is damaged or poorly maintained becomes inefficient, which can compromise all your heating, ventilation and/or cooling systems.

Our experienced technicians have the knowledge required to maintain the energy efficiency of your units and systems, thereby ensuring your peace of mind by not only protecting your family from unexpected events, but also by allowing you to avoid unexpected expenses.



Generally, when an appliance breaks down or malfunctions, we are unlikely to be able to predict it. It may be water damage, premature wear,a manufacturing defect, bad luck or a host of other factors.

That’s why, whatever the circumstances causing the breakdown or malfunction, you can count on us to rectify the situation and reduce the stress associated with this type of inconvenience.

At Barette Bernard Enerflamme, you can count on us in all kinds of circumstances.


A breakdown or malfunction can result in a loss of heat in the winter or a loss of coolness in heat waves in the summer, compromising your safety and that of your family. Not to mention damage to your home or your other temperature control equipment and systems.

That’s why we offer you our 24/7 emergency service, to ensure your safety, comfort and peace of mind.

24/7 emergency service