Commercial Range Hoods

A range hood, like a gas fireplace, is an integral part of the design of a home since it complements the floors, countertops and kitchen, which enhance the value of a home.

A range hood can also control odours and excess humidity caused by cooking, adding an element of preserving the integrity of your home.

There are different types of range hoods (power, appearance and design) that optimize the efficiency and esthetics of your kitchen. It is therefore essential to choose the hood that is appropriate for your use and the type of stove you have.

Thanks to Barette Bernard Enerflamme, you will be assured that your range hood will be well chosen, beautiful, efficient and installed according to current industry standards.


The appropriate hood can enhance not only the value of your home and the beauty of your kitchen, but also ensure the safety of your home.

An integral part of the design
It not only controls odours, but also the excess moisture caused by cooking