Air conditioners

Air conditioning systems, whether wall-mounted or central, are essential pieces of equipment for comfort and health, especially during our Quebec summers, when unpredictable weather fluctuations bring many heat waves that can compromise the quality of our lives.

An adequate and functional air conditioning system therefore not only has the advantage of controlling humidity, but also of stabilizing the temperature inside the home, which improves the quality of sleep, but also the stability of the temperature at any time of the day.

Whether it is quality of life, safety and health during heat waves or long periods of intense heat, Barette and Bernard Enerflamme offers you all kinds of air conditioners that are adapted to all types of homes and to all types of buildings.



Central air conditioning with proven efficiency provides a uniform temperature throughout the home, from the 2nd floor to the basement, including the ground floor.


Wall-mounted air conditioning operates without ducts. It is therefore suitable for all types of dwellings: condos, bungalows, town houses and apartments. It is also remarkably quiet and efficient when compared to window air conditioners, for example.  This is obviously in addition to the fact that wall-mounted air

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